Audiotek Press

Audiotek Press produces technical reference documents on the media types constituting the Audiotek Library. It also produces transcripts of programmes to support The Archer Review and The Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ.

Technical reference documents—media references

Audiotek Technical Media Notes
Logo Title (Code)
CC Notes about Compact Cassette audio (T015)

MD Notes about MiniDisc audio (T013)

CD Notes about Compact Disc (T012)

VHS Notes about the VHS video format (T009)

SVHS Notes about the SVHS video format (T010)

DVD Notes about DVD Video (T016)

MiniDV Notes about the MiniDV video format (T017)

Programme transcripts—featured interviews

The following list includes transcripts of television programmes. Unless otherwise stated, programmes appeared on the Nine Network Australia on the date cited. Dates are little endian—as if it weren't obvious...

Interviews Featuring Mariah Carey
T001Hey Hey It's Friday: Mariah Carey16/09/1995
T002Mariah Carey: Daydream16/12/1995
T008Mariah Carey: Butterfly16/10/1997

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