Audiotek Recorded Media

The Audiotek Library consists of recorded non-computing related media owned by the Archer, and used for the purposes of review in The Archer Review and The Mariah Carey Newsgroup FAQ, publications of Kasoft Typesetting. As such, the list of what is contained in this library is provided for informational purposes to those also seeking these media.

Media collections

For a description of the formats listed below, see the Audiotek Press page.

Audiotek Media Key
Code Media Description Logo
ATKC CC Philips Compact Cassette for audio
ATKE MD Sony MiniDisc for audio
ATKR CD Philips Compact Disc
ATKV VHS JVC Video Home System
ATKW SVHS JVC Superior Video Home System
ATKX DVD Toshiba Digital Video Disc
ATMO MiniDV Matsushita Mini Digital Video Cassette

It is my understanding that under Australian copyright law, for the purposes of private home use and review purposes, the recording of broadcast material is not criminal. However, it is an offence to externally duplicate or disseminate such material under all circumstances, in whole or in part.

All privately recorded material in the Audiotek collection is merely compiled from sources already licenced to Audiotek (e.g. CD) or falls into the recorded broadcast category described above. I cannot legally fill requests for materials from the Audiotek library, as this would represent a criminal breach of copyright. However, it may be possible for me to purchase additional licences on your behalf (e.g. the purchase of original CDs.)

Audiotek Press

Audiotek Press produces written works which relate to the nature and content of media in the Audiotek collection. Several original documents are available on-line.

Bidek Media Services

Bidek Media Services produce original cinematographic and phonographic recordings for public broadcast and private use. Bidek have digital audio and video production capabilities, and a offer good cross-section of analogue delivery formats.

Jam Television And Radio

Jam Television And Radio offer music and music video compilation advice, with the possibility of providing video disc jockey services for private functions. A key work of Jam is the popular Jam TV genre-based Hottest 100s are video clip compilations which are annually selected by the Archer.

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Audiotek, Bidek and Jam and the corresponding devices are trademarks of Kade Hansson in the categories of cinematographic and phonographic recording and broadcasting. Compact Cassette, MiniDisc, Compact Disc, VHS, SVHS, DVD, MiniDV and the associated devices are registered trademarks of other parties not associated with the author and hereby acknowledged.

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Last updated: Saturday 29th November 2003